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We are a technology agency specialized in online marketing,
offering both design and web programming with customized systems.


We are TRIPI ®

¡We have a lot of histories for inspirations!

Every project requires its digital DNA to achieve success, that's why we offer web design and programming of customized systems and application development (web-apps), hosting service with direct online support; We perform digital marketing processes (campaigns in Google Adwords, social networks, email and sms) with our own tools and strategic positioning (organic SEO), branding design (brand) and illustrations.

We offer security and stability in information, programming of customized systems (software) and integrables; We provide access to self-administration and management of content and data with backoffice and CMS / CRM in real time. We adapt the developments to all digital devices with responsive technology, we produce production management interfaces, we apply novel, scalable resources and, above all, we focus on professionalism, commitment and trust..

We provide customized solutions, based on the productive needs and experience in everyday use. We have simple, friendly and visually attractive interfaces; We are interested in being a 'technological partner' of our clients and that the results of the developments are differentiated from the direct competition of our clients as an added value transmitting exclusivity and wide advantages.


Creamos interfaces simples y creativas para brindar la mejor experiencia del usuario
integrándonos con responsables de marketing en el área digital.

Budget models

Our hiring models offer adaptable options for each project. Depending on its particularities and duration in time. Our team adapts to the specific needs they require.


The unlimited free flexible rate model is ideal for dynamic projects or lasting over time without monthly commitment with indefinite demand. Through this model, customers pay a variable hourly agreed rate (without fixed monthly commitments). Clients can freely transmit their requirements to meet their needs. The payment method is expired month.


The limited fixed monthly flexible rate model is ideal for projects that are durable over time in a defined and limited manner and can be extended by the client. Through this model, customers pay a fixed hourly fixed rate for an agreed period with a monthly commitment guaranteeing no variation of the rate during the agreed period. Clients can review the size of the equipment and the duration of the project to meet their needs and make the project successful. The payment method is expired month.


The project rate model suggests working the agreed hours according to a defined scope and obtaining a fixed value paid for the total work done. TRIPI guarantees that the development will be carried out on time and within the budget cost agreed with the client. These projects require an advance payment to begin and execute the payment against delivery or publication thereof.

¿Te interesa que
analicemos tu proyecto?

Trabajamos en colaboración con el cliente.
Nuestro equipo responde rápido y fácilmente a los cambios, brinda soluciones simples, desarrolla proyectos que satisfacen todos los requisitos y necesidades planteadas, y controla sus costos.

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